How We Select The Leading Male Enhancement Products

The male enhancement product market is vast; there are literally countless products to choose from. Trying to wade through so many different products and determine which brands are the best is a difficult task. The team at Ego Boost is comprised of people who are just like you: men who are searching for performance-enhancing supplements. Because we want to find the very best, most effective products, we have invested endless hours into scouring through the seemingly never-ending supply of products.

Quality Testing

It’s hard to find reviews of products that aren’t subjective. Why? – Because everyone has their own opinions, and those personal opinions can sway a review. To ensure that we offer objective reviews, Ego Boost has devised what we have coined our “Warning Test”. Any products that fail to pass our “Warning Test” are not included on our site. Performance-boosting products that tick off any of the following boxes are NOT featured on Ego Boost:

· Unlikely claims
· Adult film advocates
· Complimentary trial offers
· Money-back “guarantees”
· Anything that’s on the FDA’s Tainted Sexual Enhancement Products list

Let’s dive a little deeper and examine the importance of the above-mentioned warnings and why we do not include products on our site that meet any of these warnings…

Unlikely Claims

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about male enhancement products that claim they can boost your size. While it would be incredible if there was actually something that could legitimately increase your size, the simple fact is that nothing like that exists; not yet, anyway.

When it comes to using a product that’s supposed to affect the most sensitive and one of the most important parts of your body, it’s always a good idea to choose a product that is based on the truth. That’s why we never include supplements that make false claims, like those that say they can “increase your size”. If a product every does come on the market that is scientifically proven to really make you bigger, trust us: we WILL let you know! For right now, there aren’t any products like that, and you should definitely be wary of pills that claim they can make you bigger.

Adult Film Advocates

Anything that is backed by an adjust film star isn’t worth wasting your money on. Manufacturers of male enhancement products know that sex sells, and to market their products and get you to buy them, they’ll try to convince you that taking their supplements will make you outshine – or at least be on-par with – the adult film stars that back them. As stated above, performance supplements CANNOT increase your size, yet manufacturers try to convince you that they can make you as well-endowed as the adult film starts who are promoting them. The truth is, however, that these people are naturally well-endowed; after all, that’s one of the primary reasons they are in the adult film industry!

Complimentary Trial Offers

In our experience, any product that comes with a free trial offer is nothing more than a scam; including male enhancement products. Despite how nice it would be to get something for nothing, the trust is that NOTHING is free!

Companies that market complimentary trial offers would have you believe that you are paying for nothing more than shipping, which sounds great; but in reality, you’re probably being scammed. Either they’ve upped the shipping fees and will pocket a large portion of the expense, or they’ll continue sending you products you’ve received your trial offer – and charging your credit card – completely unbeknownst to you.

Do yourself a favor: Before you sign up for anything that says “free trial offer”, “free gift for you”, or anything else that says “free” or “complimentary”, read the fine print. There’s a pretty good chance that you could end up being swindled by a scam.

We’ve seen it too many times in the past. That’s why, at Ego Boost, we NEVER feature products that offer “complimentary trials”, because we have yet to find one that’s legitimate.

Money-Back “Guarantees”

While money-back guarantees do exist for some products, we’ve found that they don’t exist in the male enhancement industry. There are so many details in the fine print of the products that offer these “guarantees” and the manufacturers will to every length possible to refuse to give you back your money, even if you are unsatisfied. Furthermore, a male enhancement product that is safe and effective wouldn’t need to worry about offering a money-back guarantee because their products would actually do what they claim they do; therefore, their customers would ever need to request a refund.

Anything Listed on the FDA’s Tainted Sexual Enhancement Product List

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency, and it’s tasked with an incredibly important job: to test and research products to ensure that meet stringent safety standards. The FDA reviews all types of supplements, including male enhancement products. Any products that they find contain ingredients that are not compliant with rigorous safety protocols are placed on what’s known as the “Tainted Sexual Enhancement Product” list. In other words, these products are not safe for consumption and should be avoided at all costs.

At Ego Boost, we NEVER feature products that have been placed on the FDA’s Tainted Sexual Enhancement Products list. Ever. Case closed, end of story.

Your Safety and Satisfaction is Our Primary Concern

At Ego Boost, our goal is to assist you with finding safe and effective male performance enhancing products. We aren’t pushing specific products because we aren’t affiliated with any manufacturers; in other words, unlike so many other review sites, we don’t receive any payments or kickbacks from the makers of the products that we review. What does that mean? – It means that we aren’t swayed and we aren’t biased; we don’t talk up sub-par or unsafe products for the sole purpose of benefiting ourselves; we’re really committed to benefitting the customers that we serve.